Clay Schaub has been performing music professionally for over twenty years.  He has worked on the New York City jazz scene as a skilled sideman and has performed regularly with Greg Ruggiero, Gregory Tardy, Bob Mover, Frank Morgan, Joe Bonner, Luisa Sobral, Igor Lumpert, Christine Hoberg, and Uros Markovic.


Clay graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Denver in 2004, and received a Downbeat Award for Outstanding Big Band Arrangement that same year.  He studied with Ken Walker, performed with Eric Gunnison, Alan Hood, & Frank Morgan, was featured at the Estes Park Jazz Festival, was faculty at the Rocky Mountain Vocal Jazz and Northwest College Jazz camps, and was the bassist for several Denver Civic Theater Productions.  


Relocating to Brooklyn in 2008, Clay worked in NY for 5 years.  There, he played with Gregory Tardy, Jon DeLucia, Igor Lumpert, Luisa Sobral, Greg Ruggiero, Charles Sibirsky, and with many other wonderful musicians.  He recorded two albums with Brooklyn pop star Christine Hoberg, toured the East Coast with Halle Petro, and was commissioned to write and perform the soundtrack for a film entitled “The Happy Practice.”  Other works include a 45 minute re-working of Willie Nelson’s classic country saga “The Red-Headed Stranger,” a 6 song folk EP entitled "Cattails," and on-going study of the American Songbook. 


Having taken lessons in The Alexander Technique since 2001 to help with performance-related hand and arm pain, Clay had long wanted to train to become an Alexander Technique teacher. In 2009 he joined ATNYC, a three-year 1600 hour course under the direction of Nanette Walsh and John Nicholls in Manhattan, and was certified as an AmSAT teacher of the Alexander Technique in June of 2012. In addition to running a small private practice, Clay has had the opportunity to work as assistant teacher on several Alexander Technique teacher training courses including ATTiC (Alexander Teacher Training in Chicago) under the direction of Daria Okugawa, ATMke (Alexander Technique Milwaukee) under the direction of Luc Vanier and Matt Ventura, and ATNYC (Alexander Technique New York City) under the direction of Nanette Walsh and John Nicholls. 


Relocating to Milwaukee in 2013, Clay lives with his family in the Bayview neighborhood of Milwaukee. He carries on making music with friends, composing, and teaching the Alexander Technique.

He finds great joy in it.

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Clay Schaub has been a professional jazz bassist since 2000.  He worked for years in the New York City jazz scene as a skilled sideman, performing regularly with Greg Ruggiero, Michael Kanan, Gregory Tardy, Bob Mover, Frank Morgan, Joe Bonner, Luisa Sobral, Igor Lumpert, etc. Moving to Milwaukee in January of 2013, Clay carries on making music with friends, composing, teaching, and raising a family. He finds great joy in it.